ACDC Metals Discovers High-Grade Heavy Mineral Sand Strandline

ACDC Metals Ltd (ASX: ADC) has revealed high-grade assays from drilling at the Watchem North heavy mineral sand project in the Murray Basin of Victoria.

Importantly, the results confirm the discovery of a new high-grade strandline, Venice Beach.

Drilling highlights from Venice Beach include 6m (metres) at 37.9% THM (total heavy minerals) from 6m and 4.5m at 29.2% THM from 6m.

Strike length of >9km

The 132-hole, 5,500m drilling program completed in February and March 2024 was  successful and has identified multiple new strandlines.

The Venice Beach discovery is a high-grade shallow strandline that extends over a strike length of >9km with an across strike width of 100-300m.

The depth to the top of mineralisation is ~3m in the south, extending to ~10m in the North.

CEO comment

ACDC Metals CEO Tom Davidson said: “These exciting results reinforce our ability to discover new high grade mineral sand occurrences across our large exploration licence package.

 “We have an emerging discovery already at our Douglas Project, and now a second high grade, shallow discovery at Watchem North.”

ACDC closed the March 2024 quarter with $4.15 million in cash at bank.

Additional discoveries

Drilling also discovered an interpreted extension to the Iluka Resources’ Barbary deposit which sits to the east of ACDC Metals’ EL007685 and 7687.

Furthermore, the processing of government magnetic data has defined an additional potential strandline with a 35km strike length.

Drilling was completed in May to test the strike extent of this feature, with samples enroute to the laboratory for assaying.

 “Our geologists are also very excited about the new strandline we have identified by reprocessing government magnetic data, which we believe may have large scale potential,” added Davidson.



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