5E Advanced Materials Ships First Boric Acid Samples

5E Advanced Materials, Inc. (ASX:5EA) has kicked off its customer qualification program with the shipment of boric acid samples to multiple customers across various industries.

This strategic move is set to enhance commercial discussions and lay the groundwork for off-take and supply agreements.

Notably, the customers currently in the qualification program include leading global companies in materials science, consumer electronics, fibre optics, and specialty pharmaceutical glass.

These industries have a growing need to procure boric acid supply for their applications.

“Another milestone”

5E chief strategy officer J.T. Starzecki said: “We are pleased to accomplish another milestone with the first shipment of boric acid samples.

“Our operations team have worked diligently to ensure the product meets specifications and they should be commended.

“Our market research continues to reinforce a tight market where supply continues to fall short of demand.

“We have had multiple inbound queries on our product availability, and we continue to focus on working with customers in our pipeline.”

About the company

5E  is focused on becoming a vertically integrated global leader and supplier of boron specialty and advanced materials, complemented by lithium co-product production.

Based in Southern California, the company is designated as a Critical Infrastructure by the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Notably, the company’s mission is to become a supplier of these critical materials to industries addressing global decarbonisation, food and domestic security.

Boron and lithium products will target applications in the fields of electric transportation, and clean energy infrastructure, such as solar and wind power, fertilizers, and domestic security.



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