4DMedical Continues Expansion of Lung Imaging Software Through U.S. Reimbursement Scheme

4DMedical Ltd (ASX: 4DX) is focused on computed tomography lung ventilation analysis software, known as CT LVAS™.

The technology has now been included to existing Category III Current Procedural Terminology codes with associated access to the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

This includes final payment rates for hospital outpatient-based services, effective immediately.

The outcome means that Medicare beneficiaries may be billed with a reimbursement of US$650.50.

CT LVAS™ now has a benchmark payment level set for hospital outpatient procedures, serving as a guide for private health insurers in determining their pricing levels.

This comes less than six months after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance of CT LVAS™.

4DMedical now has direct access for CT LVAS™ to the 66 million Americans enrolled in Medicare.


CT LVAS provides clinicians with detailed information on regional lung function using CT images from existing hospital equipment.

This technology quantifies regional lung ventilation and ventilation heterogeneity in a comprehensive but easy-to-interpret report that includes 4D visualizations.

CT LVAS enables both lung structure and function to be assessed in one procedure.

The outcome is clinicians can better characterise lung conditions and detect associated regional lung changes—without the use of contrast.

Financial highlights

For the March quarter 2024, revenue climbed 54% to $1.4 million over the previous corresponding period, and the company held $41.7 million in cash.

Commercialisation continues to gain momentum with an increase in site locations, referrers and scans performed throughout the network across Australia and the U.S.

The company was added to the All Ordinaries and the S&P/ASX All Technology Index in the March 2024 quarterly rebalance.

This is important for funds that balance portfolios inline with these key indexes.

Imbio acquisition

In December 2023, 4DMedical acquired Imbio, a leader in artificial intelligence medical imaging solutions for chronic lung and cardiothoracic diseases.

Imbio’s regulatory-cleared solutions transform the way patients are discovered, diagnosed, and treated, enabling physician productivity and more personalised care for patients.




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